Munksjo Paper Mill, Fitchburg, MA

2 Complete Paper Machines 100" trim, 87" trim and related

Stock Preparation Equipment

Munksjö Fitchburg Massachusetts PM16


2.6 meter, 1500 feet per minute, 150+ TPD


  • Voith K airpad box with two rectifier rolls, 113" pond. Automatic CD basis weight control. New in 1992. Stainless Steel.
  • Voith 200 Centriscreen, installed in 2005.
  • Celleco cleaning system.

Forming Table:

  • Stainless steel cantilevered Belmer fourdrinier new in 1994.
  • Breast roll shake.
  • Gravity drainage section followed by low vacuum boxes.
  • Driven Dandy new in 1994, manufactured by Fink.
  • New quick change flatboxes made by Appleton. New in 2002.
  • Double chamber stainless steel couch vacuum roll with new double doctor.

Press Section:

  • Dual press manufactured by Rice Barton.
  • 1st press is suction with bottom felt.
  • 2nd press is solid roll with bottom felt.
  • Hydraulic controls replaced in 2000.


  • Completely rebuilt in 1995.
  • Steam/condensate system by Valmet with thermocompressor control.
  • High efficiency hood, pocket ventilation, and economizer by Valmet
  • All cans are coded
  • Main section dryers new in 1995, by Valmet
  • Split into small groups for improved drying control.
  • 23 Dryer cans, 4’ diameter, 75 psi
  • New guides, automatic stretches by Belmer in 1995.
  • After size section
  • 9 Dryer cans, 4’ diameter, 100 psi.

Size Press:

  • Patton Manufacturing


  • Hunt & Moscrop (Voith) soft nip calendar, new in 1992.
  • 2 calendars with 2 rolls each.
  • Oil heated hard rolls with Tungsten Carbide coating.
  • Sheet cooling cans.
  • Sheet moisturizer.


  • Rice Barton horizontal reel.
  • Camera based sheet defect detector system.
  • On line process control system by Honeywell.


  • Webco dual drum drive shaftless winder with regenerative braking system. New in 2002, 4500 fpm.

Machine Drive:

  • Machine drive is DC on all sections, provided by Rockwell Automation in 2000. Allen Bradley PLC controls.

Paper Machine Components

27028Voith K stainless steel Headbox. 90" pond sides with two rectifier rolls, design flows of 659-1507 GPM.VOITHK-TYPE

Stock Preparation Equipment

27151Black Clawson hydrapulper 12' diameter with #2 drive and Vokes rotorBLACK CLAWSONHYDRAPULPER
27152Black Clawson hydrapulper 12' diameter with #2 drive and conventional rotorBLACK CLAWSONHYDRAPULPER
27153Hi consistency pulper 10' diameterMILL HILL 
27154Black Clawson hydrapulper 12' diameter wit conventional rotor and #2 driveBLACK CLAWSONHYDRAPULPER

Other Equipment

27140Hand sheet mold 8"x8"  
27141Hand sheet mold 12"x12"  
27138AC motor, 250HP, 575V, 890RPM, frae 508U, S.F. 1.15MARATHON 
27139AC motor, 250HP, 575V, 890RPM, frae 508U, S.F. 1.15MARATHON 
27145Motor 250HP, 890RPM, 575V, S.F. 1.15, frame 508UMARATHON7M508UTDS707BBW
27147Motor, 400HP, 575V, 588RPM, frame 6806B, S.F. 1.15TECO 
27149Motor, 400HP, 575V, 588RPM, frame 6806N, S.F. 1.15TECO 
26634Steam turbine generator set, 900 HP, 600 Volts, 798 Amps, 60 Hertz, 300 PSIG max inlet pressure, 250 PSIG nominal inlet, 40 PSIG exhaust, farrel reduction gear unit 4500 RPM to 1800 RPMGENERAL ELECTRIC7TDRY125R259
27135Waste water clarifier