Beckett Development - 3 Paper Machines, Hamilton, Ohio

Beckett Development, Hamilton, Ohio

3 Paper Machines


PM 1 Wire width 100"

PM2 Wire width 126"

PM3 Wire width 142"

Paper Machine 1 (Wire Width 100")

29438Beater Room Color Make-up System    
29430Air Pad Headbox, 94" Pond, (2) Holey rolls, tapered inlet. single pass rectifier roll. capable of operating with either a pressurized air pad or a vacuum air pad. MANCHESTER-ESCHER WYSS SERIES 200
29429Knockdown Fourdrinier with 20" diameter X 100" Face Shaking Breast Roll, 98-3/8" Wire width, 72' 6-1/4" length, one 3 blade foil, three 4 blade foil, two 5 blade foil, two vacuum foils, one Sinclair box, 3 flat boxes SULZER ESCHER WYSS  
29428Suction Press Roll, 22" dia x 94 5/16 " d.f r.c, AES Durawear 1/2" slot    
29426Second Plain Press, 18" dia x 96" face Top roll, 19.5" dia. x 96" face Bottom roll, AES durawear 1/2" slot RV INDUSTRIES  
2940247 99" Face Dryers, max 150 psi, frame, felt rolls, gears, steamjoints: 17 dryers in 1st section 48" dia, vertical, 18 dryers in 2nd section, 48" dia, vertical, 12 dryers in 3rd section, 42" dia, 2 tier laydown, plain bearing    
29443Trim Color Make-up System    

Paper Machine 2 (Wire Width 126")

Part NoDescriptionManufacturerModel
29439Beater Room Color Make-up System  
29418Suction Press [frame] with an Escher Wyss Sulzer Suction Press Roll 22" dia. x 122.5 drilled face, bronze shell material with air loaded sealing stripsMIAMI MACHINE 
29415Second Plain Press, 20" x 118" Top roll, 20" x 118" Bottom roll, reverse pass, felted bottom roll, drilled roll  
29416Third Press, 20" x 114" Top roll, 20" x 116" Bottom roll, smoothing/marking, unfeltedMIAMI MACHINE 
29404 Dryer Section, 20 dryers 48" diameter x 116" length, max 150 psi, with frame, felt rolls, gears, steam joints, guides, stretches, sleeve bearingsGL&V 
29414Inclined Size PressALLIS CHALMERS 
29410Winder with 20" x 116" drum, 75 HP independent drum drives, reliance mill back stand-shaftless rewind, 72" diameter rewindJAGENBERGVARI DUR 3318
29444Trm Color Make-up System  

Paper Machine 3 (Wire Width 142")

Part NoDescriptionManufacturerModel
29440Beater Room Color Make-up System  
29392Air Pad Headbox, 136" Pond width, new in 2006VOITHVALLEY TYPE 2208
29394Knockdown Fourdrinier with  22" dia x 146" Face Shaking Breast Roll, Wire width 144", Wire length 75'7"VOITH 
29396Suction Couch Roll, 3 bearing roll with interference fit bolt-on type combination heads & journals, anti-friction bearingsSULZER ESCHER WYSS 
29397Suction Press, Straight Pass with felted suction roll, 24" x 141" Top roll, 24" x 148" Bottom rollMIAMI MACHINE 
29401Plain Press, 22" x 142.5" Top roll, 24" x 141" Bottom roll, reverse pass, felted bottom roll, "Venta Nip"  
2940542 Dryers 48"dia x 144" face mant: 450, size press: 23" x 150", max PSI: 48 PSIG  
29407Horizontal Track Reels, Pope level wind, Max Reel 60", Drum size 36"  
29409Two Drum Winder, design speen 3000 FPM, Max roll 60" x 132"LANGSTON 
29445Trim Color Make-up System  

Other Equipment

Part NoDescriptionManufacturerModel
29449Pulper, 12 Feet Diameter, #2 Drive, Vokes RotorBlack Clawson 
29431Disc Refiner 20/24", with 24" RotorBeloitDD4000
29447Roll SplitterMiami Machine 
29448Roll Splitter with Hydrulics and Control  
29441Pressure ScreenPOM 
29446Mini Sorter, 75 PSIBlack ClawsonMini Screen
29442Plastic Film Roll Wrap, 102" Roll FaceMECHADYNE