220" Trim Medium-Liner Paper Machine and Stock Prep.

220" Medium/Liner Paper Machine and Stock Prep. Equipment

220" Medium/Liner Paper Machine (37014)

Equipment Overview



Metso Symflo Dilution Control Headbox, with ABB Dilution Control, 249" Wire Width


Metso Cantilevered Fourdrinier Table, Stainless Steel Framing, 249" Wire Width, 60' Table Length, Wire Guides, Showers, Driven Wire Return Roll 


Suction Couch

Suction Couch Roll, Approx. 260" Face, 46" Diameter Roll, Drilled Face 


Press Section

Beloit Press Section Including Beloit Suction Pick-Up Roll, Stainless Steel, First Press with Top Suction Press Roll and Bottom Plain Roll , Beloit Second Press with Controlled Crown Bottom Roll, Plain Bottom Roll, Beloit Third Press with Plain Top Roll, Plain Bottom Roll, (4) Nash 904 Vacuum Pumps, (4) Nash 6000 Series Vacuum Pumps

Dryer Section

Beloit 52 Can Dryer Section, 5' Diameter x Approx. 260" Face, 100 PSI, 36 Can First Section, 16 Can After Dryer Section, Doctors, Steam and Condensate, Oil Lubrication, Stretches, Enclosed Gears, Enclosed Hood and Exhaust System, Sectional Drives


Size Press

Valmet Inclined Size Press with Drives Controls and Additive Make-Up System


Beloit 4-Roll Open Calender, Bottom Controlled Crown Roll, 2nd Roll Heated, 3rd and 4th Roll Plain, with Hydraulics and Drives


Beloit Horizontal Track Reel, with Hydraulics, with Reel Spools and Drives


Beloit 2-Drum Winder, Regenerative Break on Unwind, with Hydraulics, Drives and Controls

Roll Handling 

In-Floor Conveyor with Roll Elevator, 100" Width, Controls, Drives and Hydraulics (37442)

Process Control Equipment

ABB Smart Platform Scanner, with Drives, ULMA Void Detection System with Controls, Fisher DCS System, Associated MCC Units

Roll Grinder

Roll Grinding System with Associated Components and Controls, Serviced Paper Machine A61 with 249" Wire Width 

Additional Stock Prep. and Process Equipment

Sulzer ZPP52-600 Stainless Steel Pump, Sulzer ZPP 51-600 Stainless Steel Pump, Black Clawson UV800 Pressure Screen, Stainless Steel, Metso MS50-VT Pressure Screen, Stainless Steel, Dorr Oliver Disc Filter, 12-Discs, Low Density Cleaner System, 44 Primary, 8 Secondary, 2 Tertiary 

Roll Splitter

Thermo Black Clawson Roll Splitter, 72" Diameter Rolls, 84" Roll Length, with Hydraulics and Controls