200 TPD 160" Paper Machine, Gilman, VT

Part Number Description Manufacturer Model
25326Complete fourdrinier paper machine, Valley air padded headbox with three Holey rolls, abb slice actuators. Cantilevered fourdrinier, 46 feet breast roll to couch, with 48 inch dandy roll, 30 inch Beloit suction couch, open draw suction press, straight through blind drilled press. Dryer section with 40 cans, 60 inch diameter, 163 inch face, anti-friction bearings, Airtech enclosed hood, inclined sandy hill size press. Black Clawson autoflyte reel, 72 inch diameter rolls. Black Clawson winder, 24 inch bedrolls, 160 inch face, DC drive. Machine drive is motor driven lineshaft with reliance drive. BELOIT JONES  
27061Voith one ton slushmaker pulper, 12' diameter, gear driven, GV13 drive. VOITH  
27062Beloit Jones double disc 24" refiner 4000 series with 300HP motor. BELOIT JONES DD4000
27063Roll splitter, 100" wide, 60" diameter rolls with j-table, infeed rubber belt conveyor. VOITH  
27064Roll splitter 76" wide, 60" diameter rolls. IMPCO  
27065Beloit Jones double disc 42" refiner 4000 series, with 1000 HP Toshiba motor.  BELOIT JONES DD4000
27066 Beloit Jones double disc 42" refiner 4000 series, with 1000 HP Toshiba motor. BELOIT JONES DD4000
27067Bauer model 623 cleaner system, 96 primary, 24 secondary. BAUER 623
27068Blower, positive displacement, centrifugal exhauster with 150 HP motor. HOFFMAN  
27069Vacuum pump, 6000 CFM. SOMARAKIS SV440.2
27070Vacuum pump, 9000 CFM. SOMARAKIS  
27071Bird 18 pressure screen. BIRD 18
27072Air compressor. ATLAS COPCO GA250W
27073AES screen, 6 feet diameter, 4000 series. AES ALBANY 4000
27115Zurn fixed grate hog fuel boiler, rated at 100,000 PPH at 650 PSI/725 degree SH, bottom supported, air heater system for under grate air, soot blowers and grate cleaning blowers, fed by 3 ceramic lined screw feed fuel hoppers, variable speed cross over conveyor and fuel cyclone connected to radar blower feed system. UOP dust collector and FD fan. bailey combustion control system, updated 2006. Ash system including ash silo, ash conditioner adn storage bin, two high pressure boiler feed water pumps. ZURN  
27116GE steam turbine 600 psig, 750°FTT, 3600 RPM, 4000KW, GE type ATB-2 generator, 5000 KVA, 4000 KW 3 phase, 60Hz, 13,000 Volts, GE exciter model 51A387, type EDF, shunt wound, frame 83, 125V continuous duty 40°C rise, 200 AMPS, 3600 RPM GE ATB-2