110" Recycled Linerboard Paper Machine with Stock Prep, Minas Basin, Hantsport, Nova Scotia

Complete Recycled Linerboard Paper Mill

with 110” Trim Paper Machine, 230 Metric Ton Per Day

with OCC and Stock Prep System

  • Complete 110” Trim 2-Ply Linerboard Fourdrinier Paper Machine (1996).
  • 230 MTPD, Basis Weight 98-410 GSM.
  • 128" Wire Width MecFab/ GL&V Fourdrinier.
  • Top Table 180” Length.
  • Bottom Table 610” Length.
  • Triple Layer 128” Width Weavexx HTX V2 Forming Fabric.
  • 24 Vacuum Foil Elements.
  • GL&V Filler Headbox Hydraulic (2005), 120" Pond Width, Dilution Control.
  • GL&V Liner Headbox Hydraulic (2007), 120" Pond Width.
  • Bottom Wire Drive Gearbox Motor 200 HP, 500 Volt DC, 1750 RPM, CD504AT Frame, Falk Gear Drive Type 208Y2-LB, 8.626:1 Ratio.
  • Top Wire Drive Gearbox Motor 150 HP, 500 DC Volt, L409AT Frame, Falk Gear Drive Type 2080Y1-LD, 4.053:1 Ratio.
  • 2 Mecfab 53” Diameter Roll 2000 PLI Press Section.
  • GL&V 48 Can Dryer Section.
  • Hood Exhaust and Dryer Heat Recovery System.
  • Bailey DCS Monitoring System, 2-1 KMW.
  • Nipco 6 Zone Control Top Calender.
  • Measurex Control System Scanner.
  • Ellington Reel.
  • Ellington 2 Drum Rewinder 5,000 FPM.
  • Machine Speed 1550 FPM.
  • Machine Idled December 14, 2012.

YouTube Video of PM2 Running

Documentation Includes:

Filler Fan Pump

Ahlstrom ZRR40 Type, SN 140821, 16x20, Stainless Steel Volute, 15.35 Impeller Diameter, with AC MOTOR 150 HP, 1790 RPM, TYPE SKS449SS3124D8P, DIRECT DRIVE

Filler And Liner Stuff Boxes

Bottom Filler Headbox

GL&V Hydraulic Filler Headbox (2005), 120" Pond Width, Dilution Control, 40,000 L/Min Max Flow, Consistency Range 0.04% - 1.4%, Radial Distributor

(PM 2 Headbox) 

610" Forming Table

Fourdrinier without wire

Bottom Dillution Control Headbox

GL&V 2005

Bottom Wire Forming Table, Fig. E

Fourdrinier Table Layout 1 (E-7454)

Fourdrinier Table Layout 2 (E-7454)

GL&V Bottom Radial Distributor

Approach Flow Screen

Beloit Jones M32 Horizontal Low Pulse Pressure Screen 

Top Liner Fan Pump

Goulds 3405L 12x12x14, Stainless Steel Volute, 11.5" Impeller Diameter, 100 HP, 1185 RPM AC Motor, Type:TKKH, 460 Volt , 444T Frame

Top Liner Fourdrinier Layout

Top Liner Headbox

GL&V Hydraulic Liner Headbox (2007), 120" Pond Width, 40,000 L/Min Max Flo

Top Fourdrinier without Wire

GL&V BTF Headbox System Elevation View 


Liner to Filler Transfer Roll

180" Top Forming Table

Top Forming Table, Fig. C Attachment 

GL&V Top Radial Distributor

Approach Flow Screen

Black Clawson Kadant P24 with a Kadant Low Pulse Multi-Foil Rotor 


Suction Couch And Lumpbreaker Assembly

GL&V Suction Couch Roll (2011), 130" Face, 30" Diameter, Stainless Steel Shell, Couch Drive Gearbox Motor 150 HP, 500 Volt DC, 750 RPM, CD409AT Frame, Falk Gear Drive Type 2100Y2-LB, 11.16:1 Ratio

(GL&V Roll Suction Couch Specs)



Web Detection Camera System


1st Press

2 Roll MecFab Straight Through 2,000 PLI Max Nip Load, Rolls 53" Diameter, Xerium Superwear 18.5 P&J, Year 1995, with Top and Bottom Motor and Drive 150 HP Motor, 500 Volt DC, 1750 RPM, CD409AT Frame, Falk Gear Drive Ratio 18.5:1 

2nd Press

2 Roll MecFab Straight Through 2,000 PLI Max Nip Load, Rolls 53" Diameter, Xerium Superwear 18.5 P&J, Year 1995, with Top and Bottom 150 HP Motor, 500 DC, 1750 RPM, CDL409AT Frame, Falk Gear Drive Type 2100Y2LR, 18.5:1 Ratio

Presses are double felted with two tops and one tandem bottom

2nd Press Top Roll Assembly (D-7113)

2nd Press Bottom Roll Assembly (D-7114) 

Vacuum System

(2) Nash Vacuum Pumps Model 904P2

(1) Nash Vacuum Pump Model CL6000


 48 GL&V Dryer Cans, 48" Diameter 116" Face, Dryer 1-6 75 PSI (2006 Year), Dryers 7-48 150 PSI (Year 1995), Top Gears Nylon, Bottom Gears Steel, Enclosed Hood System, Pocket Ventilation System, Heat Recovery System, First, Second, Third Dryer Section Gearbox Motor 75 HP, 500 DC Volt, 1750 RPM, CD368AT Frame, With Falk type 2060Y1LE Gear Drive, 6.077:1 Ratio.

Flu Ace Tower System

Hood And Additives (D-6884)

PM2 Dryer Indrive Anchor Bolts (E-6923)

Dryer Assembly-131D00946

Dryer Ring Nylon Gear 115T

PM2 Dryer Space Layout (E-6766)


Dryer Stanchions


Vertical and Horizontal Beams, and Soul Plate

Dryer Condensate System

Bailey Infinite 90 Process Control System


2-1 KMW, Nipco 6 Zone Control Top Roll, 2 Roll Horizontal, 130" Face Length 30" Diameter Bottom and Top Roll, 0.010 Crown, with 75 HP Motor, 500 DC Volt, 1750 RPM, CD368AT Frame, Falk Gear Drive 2060Y2-LR Type, 9.084:1 Ratio

Distribution Assembly

PM2 Elevation At Calender (D-7163)

Measurex Scanner Control System

Measurex Scanner Control System, Controls Basis Weight, Moisture, Profile


Horizontal Track Reel Assembly



Ellington Reel, with Sandar Turn Up Tape Device, Trim Width 98-112", with 50 HP Motor, 500 DC Volt, 1750 RPM, CD328AT Frame, Falk Gear Drive 2050Y2LD Type, 12.110:1 Ratio

Reel Modification Assembly

Auto Spool Loader Assembly



Ellington Winder, 2 Drum 5,000 FPM, with Automated Tension and Rider Roll Control, with Winder Front Drum 100 HP Motor, 500 DC Volt, 1750 RPM, C0368AT Frame, Renolds Gear Drive REN1203 Type, 3.2:1 Ratio, Winder Rear Drum Gearbox 100 HP, 500 DC Volt, CD368AT Frame, Renolds Gear Drive REN1203 Type, 3.2:1

Winder Prox Locations


Winder Slitter Sections


Winder Drives

(2) Winder Drives - DC Motors 100 HP, 1750 RPM, 500 Volts

Stock Preparation Equipment


Pulping & Coarse Cleaning (D-6884 1of9) Pulping & Screening (D-6884 2of9)

Pulping & Cleaning (D-6884 3of9) Pulping & Thickening (D-6884 4of9)

Pulping & Thickening (D-6884 5of9) Machine Part (D-6884 6of9)

Machine Part (D-6884 7of9) Hood & Additives (D-6884 8of9)

Pulping & Coarse Cleaning (D-6884 9of9) Stock Preparation Ground Floor Plan (E-6964)

Stock Preparation Main Floor Plan (E-6872) 

Conveyor Feed System


Fiberprep (500t/day), 18' Pulper Diameter

Rotor Gland Assembly (01-121210-0031)



Scavenger Model 3



Scavenger and Rejects Conveyor


Rejects Compactor



ADS 300 System


ADS 300 System, with Falk Model 4422BX2 Gearbox, ratio 5.23-1 and Toshiba 500 HP AC Motor, Frame 581OUS, 2300 Volt, 1785 RPM, TEFC

Assembly Cross Section (01-121210-0032)

Float Purge


Kadant - Black Clawson, Size 75-25, SN: 08-FP-0260

Pressure Screen CH7


Pressure Screen CH10

Black Clawson-Kadant FN 100 Pressure Screen


High Density Cleaners


(2) Black Clawson Size 14 1/2 Liquid Cyclone 5 High Density Cleaners 

Bird Johnson JS24 Vibrating Screen

(3) Poseidon D.A.F. Clarifier


  • (1) Poseidon PPM 200B D.A.F. Clarifier, year 1993, 800 GPM (on Paper Machine)
  • (1) Poseidon PPM 400B D.A.F. Clarifier, year 1996, 1600 GPM,
  • (1) Poseidon Saturn 50D05-F Series Clarifier, year 2002, 200 GPM


Liner Thickener

Filler Thickener (No Image Available)


Dry End Broke Pulper

Rebuild Pulper Kit

New MARTCO Pulper, New Falk Pulper Drive, New Falk Gear Drive Model 447ZBX2, Ratio 10.040/1

Rebuild Kit Specifications


Refiners (3) 26" Andritz Twin Flo Refiners

Roll Grinder


(2) Alfa Lavel Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers


Chemical Metering System


Bridge Crane


22 Ton Bridge Crane- (2) 11 Ton Hoists 

Lab Equipment which includes:

  • Mullin Burst Tester
  • Scott Internal Bond Tester
  • TMI Smoothness II Tester
  • Lorentzen L&W Crush Tester
  • Slip Angle Tester
  • Concora Tester

Mill Support Equipment And Spare Parts