500 TPD Coated Recycled Paperboard Mill

Paperworks Industries, Philadelphia Plant




Kobayashi Ultra Former Cylinder Machine

168" Wire Width - 148.5" Trim




Kobayashi 8-Cylinder Ultra Former Recycled Paperboard Machine, 168" Wire Width, 176"x72" Diameter Stainless Steel Cylinders



Suction Press- 1st Primary Position, 178"x36.5" RV Industries Suction Drum Roll, Bottom Position, Bronze, 300 PLI, 170"x22" Blind Drilled Rubber Covered Top Roll, 117 PLI


Suction Press-3rd Position Primary (Left)- 174"x30.5" Beloit Top Suction Roll, Brass, 210 PLI, 170"x27" Blind Drilled Bottom Rider Roll 150 PLI

Suction Press-4th Position Primary (Right)- 170"x27.85" Blind Drilled Rubber Covered Top Roll, 200 PLI, Beloit 175"x36" Stainless Steel Bottom Suction Roll, 420 PLI




Valmet Press Section with 3 Main Presses- First Main Press- 400 PLI, 170.5"x27" MicroRok Top Roll, 170"x30" Blind Drilled Bottom Roll


2nd and 3rd Main Presses- 2000 PLI, 170"x43" MicroRok Top Roll, 170"x44" Blind Drilled Rubber Bottom Roll


12 Spare Press Rolls; Click for Complete Spare Roll Summary





ABB Wet-End Caliper Scanner Communicates with (2) ABB Profile Controllers on No.4 and No.5 Machine Cylinders 


Black Clawson 120 Can Dryer Section, 6-Tall Design, 48" Diameter x 162" Face Cans, 75 PSI, Rotating Siphons, Condensate and Oil Drip System, 5-Sections, 24 Cans per Section, Black Clawson Lineshaft Drive with Updated Controls, Black Clawson Spiral Bevel Gear Drive Per Section



Coating Section Features Beloit Dual Airknife Coater, Upraded Kohler Pre-Coater with 3-Zone Tower Drying, Coating Kitchen with Stainless Steel Mixing and Feed Tanks




Spooner Industries In-Line Web Cooler, Model 1/0099




Fortress Phantom Automated In-Line Metal Detection System with Product/Sensitivity Control



ABB Dry End Scanner



Black Clawson Horizontal Track Reel with Sandar TUSA 1 Turn-Up Device, 158" Face Reel Drum, 160" Overall Face with Rope Ring, (11) 164" Face Reel Spools, with Reel Crane



Langston 304 Speedmaster Winder, 1500 FPM, 84" Rewind Diameter, 152" Trim, with Hydraulics, Drives and Controls, Less Slitters



 Signode Roll Strapper


Stock Preparation- Loose News





Loose News Sorting Line Conveyor System, With American Baler Co. Model 350 NSB Conveyor




Black Clawson 20' D-Type Hydrapulper with No.3 Drive, 4-1 Ratio. Fiberprep Scavenger Model 2 Continuous Detrashing Screen, (2) 







(2) 750,000 PPH English Boilers, Model 75 DC 300, 300 PSI MAWP, Total Heating Surface 5735 Feet Squared, MFG. in 2008, Low NOX Burners, Below 20 PPM, With Flue Gas Return, BFS Industries Deaerator

English Boiler Technical Files:

Boiler A

Boiler B

Boiler C