Equipment Overview - PM1




(32692) Manchester Open Top Headbox- 95" Wire Width




(32693) Sandy Hill Forming Board, 38.75" Wire Height, 304 Stainless Steel Suction Boxes, 304 Stainless Steel Wash Roll Stands, with Spare Suction Box Covers and Vacuum Foil Blades, AES V1000 Vacuum Control Valves


Couch Roll

(32521) Miami Machine AC560 Cantilevered Suction Couch Roll, 22" Diameter, 97" Drilled Face


Press Section

Dual Press Section with Lodding Actuated Doctors, 96" Face


Dryers-Tending Side

(31606) Complete Beloit-Walmsley Dryer Section, (28) Total Cans, 48" Diameter, 92" Face, 75 PSI @ 400 F, with Pocket Ventilation, Rope Rings, Lubrication System, Nylon Gears, 22 First and Second Section Cans, 6, After Size Press Dryers, Framing Rebuilt in 1995. (2) Sesco Engineering Hydraulic Dryer Oil Lubrication Systems with Honeywell Automated Temperature Control Panels.


Dryer Lubrication and Condensate

Sesco Engineering Hydraulic Oil Lubrication System and Fulton Steam Condensate System- for both PM1 and PM2 Dryers


Dryers- Drive Side


 Size Press

(32694) Clark Aiken 94" Horizontal Size Press, Rubber Covered Bottom Roll, 94" Roll Face



(32695) Farrel Kusters 7-Roll Calender- 88" Face, 105" Bearing Center, with (2) 14" Diameter Swimming Rolls in Position 1 and 7, (1) 14" Diameter Roll in 2nd Position, (4) 10" Diameter Rolls in Position 3-6



(32696) J.H Horne Horizontal Track Reel, 400 FPM, 480 RPM, 93.5" Face, (3) 8.5" Diameter x 93.5" Face Spools, 48" Diameter Rolls, 15-25W Horton Brake, Complete with Spool Starter, Spreader Roll, Rope Threading Arrangement, Drive Equipment and Unwind with Automatic Oscillation.



Equipment Overview PM2



(32697) Manchester Open-Top Headox, 95" Wire Width, 99x14" Breast Roll


Fourdrinier and Couch

(32698) 60' Forming Table, 304 Stainless Steel Suction Boxes and Wash Roll Stands, Miami Machine Suction Couch Roll, 22" Diameter, 97" Drilled Face


Press Section

Dual Press Section


Dryers Tending Side

 (32446) Dryer Section Identical to PM1, Slightly Different Framing Upgrades


Size Press & Calender

  (32700) 94" Horizontal Size Press and (32701) Farell 7-Roll Calendar Stack are Identical to PM1 Arrangement



(32702) J.H Horne, Horizontal Track Reel, Identical to PM1 Arrangement



Stock Preparation Equipment Overview


Black Clawson Hydrapulpers  

(32703) Black Clawson Hydrapulper with Power Savr Rotor and #2 Drive 


(2) Black Clawson HydraPulpers with Powr Savr Rotor (32704) and Conventional Rotor (32705)


Beloit Barracuda Pulper

  (32706) Beloit Barracuda Pulper with Updated GL&V Model C Drive


(2) 24" Pilao RTD Refiners


 (32520) (3251924" Pilao Refiner


(2) 17" Pilao RTD Refiners

 (32518) 17" Pilao Refiners

(2) Beloit Jones Conical Refiners


(2) Black Clawson P24 Pressure Screens

 (32707) (32708) Black Clawson P24 Screens


Bauer 606H Low Density Cleaners

 (32709) Bauer Cleaners

Bird 3A Rotary Pulp Screen

 (32723) Bird 3A Saveall