25 TPD Towel Machine - 98" Trim

Basis Weight Range: 20-22lb, 3000 Sq/Ft., at 25 TPD Towel Grade,

30-40lb, 40 TPD Kraft Packing Grade Paper



HoganKamp Dilution Control Headbox, Stainless Steel, 102" Pond Width


108" Wire Width, Stainless Steel Cantilevered Fourdrinier Table, 5-Foil Boxes, 2-Low Vacuum Boxes, 2-Flat Boxes, Wire Stretch, Guides, 37' Breast Roll to Couch Roll, Rubber Covered Couch Roll



Top Felt Pick-Up


1st Press Manchester Bottom Suction Roll, (Second Press Removed), 2-Felted Third Press, Transfer Plain Press, (Spare Suction Press Roll)


16 Can Dryer Section, 48" Diameter Black Clawson & Vantech, (First 10 Cans 75 PSI, Last 6 Cans 100 PSI, Three AC Drive Sections, Upgraded Anti-Friction Roller Bearings, Oil Lubrication, Felt Stretches, Felt Guides, Deblin Steam and Condensate System, Dryer Vapor Absorption Hood, Exhaust System, Doctor Blades on All Dryer Cans



Mahlo Scanner System, Basis Weight and Moisture



Horizontal Track Reel with 2-Ton Hoist, 3 Reel Spools, 8" I.D Paper Cores


Cameron 110" CT-16 Two Drum Slitter Rewinder, Max Web 107", 3500 Ft/Min. Speed


Allen Bradley PLC- Electrical and Controls



(2) Beloit Shark Pulpers with Spare Drive and Rotor



Goulds 3410 L 8x10x21 Stainless Steel Fan Pump


Escher Wyss Reject Sorter


Black Clawson UV200 Pressure Screen


Black Clawson P24 Approach Flow Pressure Screen


Beloit DD3000 20" Refiner


Black Clawson High Density Cleaner


Maintenance Tools and Shop Equipment



Paper Machine Spare Rolls


Lab Equipment