104" Trim Voith Crescent Former Tissue Machine

with De-Ink Plant


104" Trim Voith Crescent Former tissue machine (42112) and 80 MTD deink plant (42117) available immediately without restrictions.  Last running in May 2019 due to lease expiration.


(Part No.: 42112) Voith Head Box and Crescent Former.

Yankee Hood

Shoe Press, Vacuum Roll, and Steam Box

Vacuum Pump

Shoe Press Hydraulics

Shoe Press and Yankee Dryer

Roll Wrapper


Reel Spool Magazine and Reel

Metso Dust Control System


Felt and Wire Run

Heat Recovery

Dry End

Fan Pump

Crescent Former Wet End

Doctor Blades

Approach Flow Screen

Control Room


De-Ink Plant

(Part No.: 42117)

(42117) De-Ink Plant

Pulper High Density 24

Contaminex Detrasher for High Density Pulper 24


Krofta and Krofta Units

Filter Bank

AES Screen

Voith 1000K Vibrating Screen

Disk Filter

Voith DeInk Cells and Goulds Pumps

Voith Cleaners

Spray Filter

16' x 50' Stainless Steel Tank


Voith Screen